How to Use Intranet to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

All departments within an organization work hard to keep the business thriving. However, there’s one particular department that seems to work twice as hard — the marketing team. Every day, you have to mix the right amount of creativity and innovation with the best tools to keep the clients and the customers satisfied. Still, no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to find the right tools to make an effective marketing strategy. It’s like the crucial tool’s missing. We’re here to help you find it. Continue reading to find out which tool we’re talking about.

Centralize Assets for Brand Consistency

One of the most important tasks of Marketing Strategy that every marketer is ensuring all-around consistency for every brand or client they’re working for. This means aspects such as fonts, style, tone, images and other visuals have to align and reflect the brand and its values and mission. Since every marketing team consists of several experts, maintaining brand consistency is crucial. All the more so if other departments are involved in the project or campaign. To make sure all aspects align, marketing teams can centralize assets using this internal network. As a result, authorized employees have access not only to guidelines but also to best practices for providing brand consistency at all times.

Create a Request Center

Like all employees, marketing teams need relevant and timely information to do their job right. On the other hand, colleagues from other departments, clients, investors, and the management need information from marketing teams. Asking for help or files or sharing information across multiple communication channels is ineffective. The request might not reach the right person or the right person might oversee it in the abundance of other exchanged messages. Why not create a request center where everyone in the organization can submit different types of marketing requests and get a prompt response? Create a space designated only for requests within the intranet and encourage shareholders, managers, team leaders, and employees to use it.

Accumulate Knowledge

The secret weapon of every marketer is information. The management or the executives give directions to marketers and share a general vision of what a campaign or a brand should look like. Then the marketers have to meet customers’ specific needs and expectations. Lastly, team members provide insights into different markets and all the marketing approaches that might appeal to the audience best. What also helps to create effective marketing campaigns are insights or opinions from colleagues working in other departments. Since there are so many different sources of valuable knowledge, you need to keep it in one place and allow access to employees. With a private network such as this one, you can accumulate all the knowledge and use it as a reference in the future.

Explore Social Collaboration Tools

Today, most marketing teams have to socialize and network day in-day out. They’re in constant interaction with clients, customers, industry experts, etc. That’s why making social collaboration tools a part of your private network is essential. Other employees can join in and engage in a brainstorming session and contribute to creating marketing strategies with their revolutionary ideas. Also, all employees can freely make suggestions about innovative business ideas and modern marketing approaches. Through constant communication on a team or organizational level, you get access to fresh ideas and different viewpoints which can make a difference when launching a campaign.

Collect Feedback from Customers

While every client, campaign, and strategy differ, they all share one aspect — the feedback from their customers. Within this network, your marketing team can collect, share, and save feedback from their customers. Then, they can analyze it as a team and get valuable insights. For example, your marketers can compile FAQs from current and potential customers. Looking into them, they can notice similarities and differences that can help them the next time they have to make a strategy. This way, every team member will know what they’re supposed to do to keep consumers happy and satisfied.

Make an Image Gallery

Your marketing team always needs creative and editorial images to include in their Marketing Strategy. That’s why they can benefit from making a photo album within the used corporate network. In a designated space, different marketing teams and other departments can store color swatches, photos, logos, illustrations, etc. Although they might not use all of them in their new campaigns, they can take a look at the images and get an idea for the visual concept. This is particularly important for Instagram marketing. Marketers can also upload testimonials, customer photos with specific products, billboards, or pictures of a particular product in a retail store.


Marketing teams rely on digital tools and ingenuity to design strategies for their clients. Yet, sometimes you fail to make the campaign as effective as it should be. What can help you improve the results of your marketing efforts are interesting features of a private network. Give it a try and your next marketing strategy will be a success.

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