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Lack of Business sanitation is a major problem in developing countries like India. Much deliberation has given way to the fact that the private sector is needed to tackle sanitation service problems. It is imperative to invest in solutions by offering different sanitation products and services at appropriate prices.

Waste management

As the population of India’s urban areas continues to grow, so does the amount of municipal solid waste that is generated. According to estimates, urban areas in India generate 1,88,500 tonnes of municipal solid waste every year – a figure that is increasing by 50 percent every decade.

More than 80 percent of this waste ends up in open dumpsites, where it can cause public health issues, environmental degradation, and climate change.

To address this problem, the Indian government has implemented a number of policies and programs aimed at improving waste management in urban areas. These include the setting up of solid waste management plans, banning the use of plastic bags, and promoting recycling and composting.

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